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In a distant land inhabited by the gods of the past, a place called “the new world” was born. The founders of the new world passed many years ago, but they still left their will within the land. The only history anyone has ever been able to uncover is that the creator and the one will be reincarnated one day. until then the world must live! The survival of society is what can bring back the golden age marking a greater brighter future for the new world. 

Zala The Cursed is about the adventures of a young assassin, Zala, as he struggles to redeem his brother and harness his family’s curse. Inspired by all of the classic Shonen Jump manga, we will embark on an unforgettable journey together. 




​Jaedon Rooney is a young passionate filmmaker that was born in New York and later moved to California where he is currently resides. He has been working on films ever since he was 13 years old. At the early age of 13 years old he made short films, shot BTS for various musical artist as many well as other projects. He is familiar with the entertainment business, His father is Cory Rooney and has been in the music business for over 20 years, by working with notable names from Jennifer Lopez, Michael Jackson just to name a few of them. Although he didn’t follow in his father’s footsteps into music, his interest ended up in the film and movie making part of the entertainment business. Jaedon can assure you he will be marching towards making a huge mark in this world by making his stories heard.

In my relatively short 20 years of life, I have always known that I would be a director and writer of films. By time I reached High School I began to work harder and harder towards making my goal a reality. I was so determined to turn my scripts into short films that I took on every role to get it done and make it happen. Even though being a young black kid in film can be isolating, I didn’t let it discourage me towards my goal. I did not mind being looked at as different from the other black kids in my High School. When I made my first short film, the only person everyone could compare me to was Spike Lee. I admire Spike Lee, but there are so many other directors that I also admire. Instead of being compared to any of the greats, I would like to one day make my own mark in the industry and be listed with the greats. I would like for young black kids to realize that it’s possible to break into a predominantly white genre and make your mark. I want them to be proud to be a film geek, I want them to watch my films and be able to relate to the stories I write about and the person that is writing them. This is what Ace Monkey Productions purpose is for me and what the ultimate goal of filmmaker should be too.

​My goal with Ace Monkey Productions, is to recruit and welcome young filmmakers like myself with similar work ethics from around the world and build a productive community. I’m lucky enough to have my own works space with the best equipment to dedicate to film making. I want to share my environment with those who have the same artistic passion for film, so that we can work together and create great films and content. I know there are so many young people, that need someone that can understand how their creative driven brains work. That’s why I welcome all that are willing to give their all, so we can help each other live our dreams of success.





Zala The Cursed Volume 2. A Mother's Will


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